The Hollywood PR machine does its best to keep anything untoward about performers from ever reaching us commoners, because then we might find out that celebrities are human beings who get really upset and freak out and scream once in awhile. But there are also things like microphones and camera phones that record those lapses in sanity and civility, and then those episodes inevitably hit the Internet. YouTube was positively tailor-made to share footage of these celebrities having on-set meltdowns.

1. Christian Bale

Gotham doesn't deserve any of this.

This meltdown from the set of Terminator: Salvation took the Internet by storm in 2009, although it wasn’t that surprising. The American Psycho star was once arrested for attacking his mother and sister. The thing that set him off here? While he was trying to get in character, a crew member got in his way.

2. Bill O’Reilly

Uh oh, Dad's mad.