If you've ever fantasized about getting up close and personal with a sexy celebrity, here's something to turn your dreams into nightmares: some of them are straight up slobs. Despite being able to afford the most expensive soaps, deodorants and perfumes imaginable, these celebrities are a bigger mess than the this years's election cycle. Here are 11 celebrities who are surrounded by bad hygiene rumors like a cartoon stink cloud. Gross.

Smell ya later.

1. Matthew McConaughey

You know he hates shirts, but guess what? Matthew McConaughey hates deodorant even more. While filming Fool’s Gold in 1998, Kate Hudson reportedly begged her costar to cover his stank for their love scenes. She even bought him some deodorant, but he declined her offer. McConaughey said he doesn't “like to smell like someone or something else” and added that women (besides Kate Hudson) love his natural aroma. His chill hygiene practices apparently haven't changed in the years since. He reportedly stunk up the cars with B.O. when he was filming those weird Lincoln commercials. Alright, alright, all wrong.

You reek, bro.
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