Throwback Thursday is the best of all social media holidays. Who doesn't love seeing their favorite celebrities as children, demonstrating that they were once small and not famous and maybe even a little awkward (or a lot awkward)? Here are the best of celebrities' personal #TBT photos, proving that for some people, "it gets better," while for others, it gets MUCH BETTER.

1. January Jones

#nofilter #obviously #ilovemy9yroldself

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#TBT the time January Jones had more style in an elementary school class picture than Betty Draper ever did on Mad Men.

2. Lauren Conrad

#tbt to when I rocked gold scrunchies and acid washed overalls like no ones business.

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#TBT the time The Hills' Lauren Conrad thought she might be an Olsen twin.

3. Beyoncé Knowles


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