Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have been married for 7 years (together for eleven), and somehow still seem to really like each other. What keeps the spark alive? Maybe it's that they are always surprising each other with amazing gifts, or maybe it's writing lovey-dovey things about each other on social media (it's really probably because they're both super hot). Either way, the couple both shared very sweet Instagram tributes to one another on their 7th wedding anniversary, because who sends cards and flowers anymore?

Jenna went first, and apparently she still doodles hearts over pictures of her and her husband like a lovesick middle schooler, which is really cute.


7 years ❤️

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Channing followed it up with a silhouette of his wife. Also, TIL that Channing Tatum's nickname for his wife is "Cake." Aw?

This woman, 11 years together, 7 married. Happy anniversary Cake. Thank you baby I love you. Plus you look daaaaaaaaanmm!!!