The People's Captain. (via)

The big moment—really, the only "moment"—from the perennially forgettable People's Choice Awards last night was when Betty White was announced as this year's Favorite TV Icon. Considering that the 93-year-old was sitting in the front row, and her "competition" were no-shows, it's safe to assume that no one in Vegas lost money when Ellen DeGeneres announced Betty's name.

As Betty showcased her dramatic chops by acting surprised, Chris "Captain America" Evans leapt into action and escorted the living legend to the stage.

Before the first tears off joy hit the floor in the Director's booth, the Internet had already begun losing its collective mind over the fact that a handsome Hollywood celebrity would take the time to offer a hand to an elderly woman about to climb a set of stairs on live television.

While everyone on Twitter debated whether this act of common decency made Evans the greatest man ever, or simply the kindest, no one seemed to notice that there was already a guy in place ready to escort Betty to the stage before Evans stepped in: the silver fox sitting to Betty's left that happened to be her date!

Betty White Escort on Make A Gif


Captain America? More like Captain Cockblock!

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