On Wednesday, Chris Pratt, beloved actor and dad, asked his 3-year-old son Jack to take a picture of him in the pool with his phone (Pratt's phone—3-year-olds don't have phones), illustrating exactly why 3-year-olds don't have phones.

Expensive electronic device plus clumsy small-handed child minus adult supervision plus a huge pool of water equals your phone is now fucked. That's just math.

My son, the budding photographer, may or may not owe me a new phone.

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Pratt captioned the video "My son, the budding photographer, may or may not owe me a new phone." But it appears he does not, because somehow Pratt managed to get onto the phone to post this video on Instagram. Which is good, because how would Jack even pay for that? Kid is cute as hell but that's not a high paying gig.


Luckily phones falling in water (especially toilets—phones LOVE falling in toilets, it's pretty much their favorite pastime) is not always a problem. You just throw the phone in with some rice, and the rice will absorb the moisture. If that doesn't work, then you add some veggies, a little tofu, maybe some soy sauce, and now you just eat your phone for lunch.