All eyes were on Academy Awards host Chris Rock last night, who had the job of addressing the lack of diversity in major awards categories, critiquing Hollywood's mistreatment of minority groups, and also making sure everyone was still having fun in between.

Chris Rock, presumably making a good point about a sensitive topic.
Chris Rock, presumably making a good point about a sensitive topic.

How did he measure up? Many thought he did a solid job (watch Rock's monologue here). Others, like activist Shaun King, had extremely harsh words for the comedian.

In a piece for the New York Daily News (which he also posted to Facebook), King accuses Rock of diminishing the modern struggles faced by activists and crossing the line with jokes about lynching.

My critique of the Chris Rock monologue. Overall, I thought it was a hot mess. My family and I decided we weren't...

Posted by Shaun King on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Here's one particularly scathing part of his piece:

In essence, Chris somehow found a way to simultaneously oversimplify what it meant to be black in the Civil Rights Movement while also drastically downplaying the size and scope of the injustice we face today…

…"They were too busy being raped and lynched," Rock declared. I know Chris steps on toes for a living, but I don't ever want to hear a live audience laughing about the lynching of our grandmothers. I can't imagine the deepest, darkest pain of any other group of people being used as a prime-time punchline…

…Chris Rock's monologue gave the distinct impression that black people were either petty for being frustrated with The Academy or that we live in a time without injustice, and, therefore, have too much free time on our hands.

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