While Chrissy Teigen is a model by profession, these days it feels like Snapchat is her full-time occupation, in addition to breastfeeding her baby.

hi my lulu!

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Teigen was playing around with the app's newish photo swap feature on Tuesday evening, using her husband John Legend's face as a template. The duo have previously swapped faces, but this look was much creepier on Teigen .

Snapchat: Chrissy Teigen

As you can perhaps see, Teigen has covered up her new mom boobs with some lovely green lines. This person with John Legend's face and Chrissy Teigen's boobs is a rather befuddling sight. In a way, this imaginary person has it all: the voice of an angel and the boobs of an angel.

Given the amount of baby fuzz Legend is rocking in the photo Teigen chose to face swap with, the picture resulted in a much more intriguing sight than their old face swap.