A horny woman once said, "the quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else." Well, these famous ladies actually took that advice and proved that when a Hollywood marriage goes wrong, the quickest fix is to engage in some sloppy PDA with the nearest beefcake you can find. It proves two things: 1. you're still sexy AF, and 2. you're totally over your ex. Here are five celebrity moms who healed their broken hearts by hooking up with a hunk.

1. Jennifer Lopez

The bear came out to support my movie premiere of #ThePerfectMatch make sure you go see it #march11

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Jenny from the block has been married and divorced three times, so she knows a little something about rebounds. A few months after her seven-year marriage to singer March Anthony ended, J Lo got freaky with choreographer Casper Smart. Lopez said the dancer, who's 18 years younger, helped her heal. Yes, six pack abs on ripped hotties are very healing. In case bedding a young stud wasn't enough, she went on to shame her ex and the father of her twins by saying that dancers are better in bed than musicians. “Musicians are too self-absorbed. They are too concerned with themselves to be great in bed," she said.

Dang, that's how it's done. Here's a picture of Casper's bod incase you're in need of a little healing yourself: