The one nipple joke aside, Ellen deserves an award for her eye contact in this clip.

Chelsea Handler just finished her seven-year run as the host of Chelsea Lately on the E! Network, and now she will go over to Netflix to host her own show there. As the only female host of a late night show prepares to depart, however, she had to clear the airwaves with another trailblazing woman on television, Ellen DeGeneres. More specifically, Ellen wanted to talk to her about why Chelsea never invited her on the show (no mention of whether Chelsea had ever gone on Ellen to discuss her books or show)—which may or may not have something to do with the fact that Chelsea may or may not have any clue that Ellen is gay. 

This is, of course, also not the first shower interaction Chelsea has had with another late-night host. She and Conan O'Brien faced off nude in the shower when Chelsea took over Conan's old studio space in a much more confrontational segment. 

Handler also got into her birthdays with Sandra Bullock, a friend and one of her most frequent guests (after which Handler confirmed that although Bullock wore little dignity bits, Chelsea does not).

There's a lot else that happened on the final episode of Chelsea Lately, which you might as well check out, because her new show won't be on Netflix until 2016.


(by Johnny McNulty)