Ellen DeGeneres, who uses cute children, dancing and positivity to fuel her mega-popular daytime talk show, is being sued by a Georgia woman who claims that the comedian bullied her about her name on national TV. In a segment called "What's Wrong With These Ads...and These Signs," DeGeneres comments on a slideshow of signs and ads with spelling mistakes, funny typos, and stuff like that.


It was this particular picture that landed Ellen in hot water.


Ellen made a boob joke by pronouncing Titi Pierce's name as "Titty Pierce" instead of how it is actually pronounced: "Tee-Tee." Pierce also claims that this is the first time that anyone has ever made a boob joke about her name, suggesting that she had the easiest childhood ever. The lawsuit said:

Prior to defendant’s misdeeds, Ms. Pierce has been called only by her name 'Titi,' which, as grammar dictates, is pronounced 'TEE TEE.'

Sources: KSHB