The Khaleesi has survived several fires before, but can the actress who plays Daenerys Targeryen survive the hot hot fire that is Tupac's flow? Yes, because 'fire' in this context means 'good rapping,' as opposed to the chemical process of combustion. Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke and Khal Moro (a.k.a. bootleg Khal Drogo) actor Joe Naufahu took it upon themselves to find out in a recent Instagram by Clarke.


The description for the video, apparently taken during a night shoot for the show, reads as follows:

But did the three eyed Raven see THIS?!! #tbt Conquering night shoots one 2pac Classic at a time..

No, the raven has not seen this yet. Perhaps Clarke is implying that the next time Bran's eyes go white and roll back into his head, he's going to see this painfully awkward demolition of Tupac's work, which would could only mean certain disaster for all of Westeros.

The has tags, with spaces inserted so you can actually read them without vomiting in frustration, say:

If we had Dothraki in the ’90s you know it would’ve made its way to Biggy.