The Urban Dictionary definition of "slay" is, "Killed it. Succeeded in something amazing." We would like to officially include Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph's pictures with this definition.

On Maya & Marty, Stone joined Rudolph in an a capella version of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend." They used only one instrument: butter tubs. Yep, just tiny little tubs and their angelic voices.

Rudolph has been practicing ever since she saw a YouTube video of a Swedish vocal group called Erato do the same thing. She said...

I saw this thing on YouTube a couple years ago of these three girls in their kitchen in Sweden singing a song, playing butter tubs. I've been practicing ever since. And I feel like I'm finally ready to give it a shot.

Ready she was! Stone said they were doing it for the first time, something absolutely nobody believes.

Regardless whether it was their first time or tenth time, they done slayed the you-know-what out of that song.