It seems like just yesterday sources found out Eva Mendes was pregnant with her second child. Either the baby daddy, 35-year-old Ryan Gosling, is a Twilight vampire who caused a very fast pregnancy or the couple is great at keeping secrets because Mendes already gave birth. LAST MONTH. According to TMZ, 42-year-old Mendes popped out another little girl on April 29. 

Look at that coy smile. That's the face of someone who isn't afraid to deceive her people.
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Since this baby girl has been in the world for nearly two weeks, her name is already known. Unlike the couple's 20-month-old baby Esmeralda, this name is not linked to any Disney movies.

Traitors to their fans.

The second perfect Gosling-Mendes baby is named Amada Lee Gosling. Amada, not Amanda. The name is of Spanish origin and means beloved, or so says It's also Esmeralda's middle name. 


Please, Eva Mendes, appease your people and give the world a glimpse of at least one of these babies.