Remember the classic Disney Channel show and Shia LaBeouf-starrer Even Stevens? Remember the character Beans, the annoying kid who lived next door? If you want his autograph, go find Santa at Sunvalley Mall in Concord, California. Unless that seems like a really depressing thing to do that could potentially be humiliating for all involved. However you like to celebrate the holidays.

The actor who portrayed Beans, Steven Anthony Lawrence, is "all grown up," as they say. And he's working as Santa's Helper at a mall. Excited fans have been posing with him and sharing the photos on social media.

Remember this little dude?

So why is this happening? There are a few possibilities. Other publications are speculating that this could be role research for Lawrence's upcoming 2017 elf-centric holiday film, Holly, Jingles, and Clyde. But it seems kind of early for that, plus could this really be considered "research"? Not to be presumptuous about Lawrence's acting methods or elf life, but working at a mall is probably different than actually working at Santa's workshop.

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