Today is Grandparents Day. Yes, it's a thing! Hey, if great mothers get their own special holiday, and good fathers get their own special holiday, it's only fair that the people who made your parents so great get a day of celebration, too. Here are some celebrities that have grandparents that are maybe even as amazing as yours.

1. Patricia Arquette.

"And another thing. Birdman. Totally overrated, right?"

The Oscar winner is part of a Hollywood dynasty. Her siblings Rosanna, David, and Alexis are all well known performers. Their father, Lewis Arquette was also an actor; his IMDB page would suggest he had a guest appearance on just about every TV show of the '70s and '80s. The Arquette children's grandfather was quirky character actor Cliff Arquette, who just as often was known as Charlie Weaver, a popular character he played a bunch on The Jack Paar Show. The eldest Arquette also played Mrs. Butterworth in TV commercials and wrote a bunch of novelty songs with names like "Don't Give the Chair to Buster" and "On the Boardwalk at Snider's Swamp."

2. Riley Keogh.

Her grandfather is the King, so she's a princess. It's the law.