I bet it was the same weed he used to write The Interview.

Amy Pascal: demoted, maybe driven to drink over The Interview hack.
Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg: High in this picture. Probably high right now. (via Getty)

Amy Pascal is stepping down from Sony's corporate office to become an on-the-site producer. It's the kind of demotion that's so exciting, you almost might forget it's probably because the least-insulting sentence in your hacked email account was you assuming our nation's first African-American president loves Kevin Hart movies. Still, Pascal could have caused much more of a brouhaha over her "relocation," so the least Sony could do is hook her up with the sweet producer's office (once belonging to her late boss, Sony Studios CEO John Calley) she's had her eyes on for years. So, Sony promised her that office.

They just failed to mention that Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg had been developing a new wallpaper made out of pot residue by hot-boxing that office pretty much 24/7.

It's so bad that Pascal is having the walls re-painted to cover up what is probably a psychoactive treasure trove of congealed THC gunking up the room and halls. Says The Hollywood Reporter:

"Rogen and Goldberg's neighbors had long complained of the smell emanating from their first-floor offices. One frequent visitor says the fumes could be smelled on the third floor of the building."


In the meantime, she'll have to move to a temporary office. She can't stay in hers; it's already been given to the new head of the motion picture group, Tom Rothman. Yeah, I don't know who any of these clowns are either, but who doesn't like to hear about powerful people being shuffled between cubicles like the rest of us?

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