On Wednesday, Reddit user guggabump posted a photo he took of Seth Rogen riding what looks to be one of those shuttles to or from the airport (because there's no way Rogen rides the L.A. bus). He captioned it, "I'm one of those assholes who takes pictures of celebrities in public. Seth Rogen agrees." And you know what? He's totally right.

There's no mistaking Rogen's expression here. Dude is busted.

Some people are surprised that celebrities actually exist in the real world, and—like sasquatches—they feel that nobody will believe they spotted one unless they have documented proof of the encounter. So, here it is: proof that Seth Rogen moves through time and space like other humans, and does not like being photographed like he is being followed by the KGB while doing so.


You can almost hear the sound of his beard saying, "Dude, no." If this guy needed a picture of a schlubby fellow with glasses and a hat, he probably could have found one quite easily. Then again, how would anyone know he saw a famous schlubby guy with glasses and a hat? It's always best to have proof. It's like they say, don't become a celebrity if you can't handle the fame (where "fame" means "constant surveillance and intrusions at all times").