Model Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Kennya and Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec, stepped out at Paris Fashion Week wearing a leather jacket, a sheer turtleneck, and baggy sweatpants that look like they were hacked to shreds with a machete. I officially don't understand fashion anymore.

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Here's another pic of the unusual outfit, this one sans jacket.

vibe pt. 2

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From the waist up, Baldwin looks glam as hell. From the waist down, however, she resembles a divorced dad who took a break from binge watching Breaking Bad to mow the lawn drunk.

The hacked pieces of sweatpants are held together with denim buckles. Maybe the oddest thing about the whole ensemble is she looks... comfortable?


I've always had a hostile relationship with fashion because I believe it's all part of a conspiracy to keep women down. Not to mention uncomfortable and expensive. But if ripped sweatpants count as fashion, then I'm on board.

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