In an interview with Howard Stern to promote his new movie Florence Foster Jenkins, Hugh Grant said that people aren't meant to be in monogamous relationships. Yeah, especially if you're Hugh Grant.


He told Stern in that charming accent of his:

Do I think human beings are meant to be in 40-year-long monogamous, faithful relationships? No, no, no... I think there's something unromantic about marriage. You're closing yourself off...

OK, fine, he might have a point. Well, until he said:

I always admire the French and the Italians who are very devoted to their marriages. They take them extremely seriously, but it is understood that there might be other visitors at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You just never boast about [it]. They never say anything, but that's what keeps marriages together.

Grant has had plenty of 5 o'clock visitors in his day. He's had two kids with his current girlfriend, Swedish producer Anna Eberstein, and two other kids with Chinese actress Tinglan Hong. His oldest with Eberstein was born months before after his last kid with Hong was born. So yeah, he's loving 5 o'clock.

And of course there's his famous arrest for picking up a sex worker back in 1995. At the time he was dating Elizabeth Hurley, who stuck by him during the ordeal, and recently said about Grant:

He's still my best friend, and he's very important to me.

But it's OK, we love Grant like Bridget Jones loved him. We're just waiting for Colin Firth to come and give him his due.