Dramatic footage has just surfaced of Hugh Jackman diving into the Australian surf to save his kids—and a man who was helping them—from a dangerous rip tide. The A-list actor was at Sydney's Bondi Beach in Australia with his family when it occurred. At first it seemed Jackman was also rescuing a man, but although Jackman was too shaken to speak to news crews, the other man in the video, Peter Adam, says he was helping Jackman's daughter when the actor reached them. "I was assisting him to get his daughter up to the sandbar. He then grabbed my hand to get us up," said Mr Adam, "he then went to get his son." Jackman also yelled at other swimmers to come in to the beach.


Hugh Jackman may have induced swooning around the world as Wolverine and Jean Valjean, but anyone who held out on admiring him will have to give in now. Most important, of course, is that everyone is safe.


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Sources: 9news