Idris Elba, actor, musician and sinnnnnngleeee, ladies, doesn't have a date for Valentine's Day (coincidentally, neither do I). But he will (it could be me, we'll see). Because he's auctioning off a Valentine's Day date with himself—to raise money for charity, of course.

WHERE DO I SIGN UP? (right here)


Elba, 44, shared a very flirtatious Facebook video describing the prize date. It sounds perfect. And based on its 5 million views, I'm not the only one interested.

Be Idris Elba's Valentine

This year, I want YOU to be my Valentine. We’ll have a romantic candle-lit meal, maybe some champagne, and see where the meal takes us. It’s for a good cause, so will you be mine? If yes, GO:

Posted by Idris Elba on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Idris Elba here," he says, next to a fireplace and a champagne spread. "And I'd like you to be my Valentine."

OK, I accept!


He continues:

We’ll get things started off with cocktails…or perhaps champagne. Once we’re feeling comfortable, we can order whatever your heart desires. Maybe some truffles, perhaps some steak. Pepper soup and fufu. That’s an African dish, and you pound the yams. And you know what? I’ll let you pound my yams.

You can enter here to win a chance to pound Idris Elba's yams. And it's even a reasonable price! For only $10, you get 100 entries to the competition.

And if you're rolling in dough, for $100 you could win a thousand entries AND this 🔥🔥🔥 tee-shirt:

Yes, he Idris.

All the money raised will go to a charity called W.E. Can Lead, which provides mentoring support for young girls ​and women in Africa. Which is reason enough to enter the auction. As if you needed any reason other than Idris Elba's sweet, sweet yams.


May the best woman or man win! And may it be me!