This is the longest my attention has been held by either star.

Miley Cyrus is continuing to raise awareness that she has gained awareness that sex exists with her new video "Wrecking Ball," where she once again proved her ability to vaguely emulate sexiness around objects. Meanwhile, the Internet continued its considerably more successful campaign to put Nicolas Cage's face on things. Like this photo of Miley Cyrus licking a sledgehammer. He wasn't actually licking it in that picture, though, so I took the liberty of photoshopping Miley's tongue onto Nic's face which was photoshopped onto Miley's face:

I'm not good at Photoshop. Feel free to improve upon this.

Are Nicolas Cage and Miley Cyrus destined to fuse into the same person? They both come from famous families (Cage is short for "I don't want people to know my name is Coppola"), the Internet hateloves them, and I don't really have anything other to say. The answer is no, but I got you thinking about it. Now check out this Vine of a man reenacting the wrecking ball scene:

Miley would never have used another rope to slow down. She'd stop herself with her tongue.

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