Aerie model Iskra Lawrence, who has made a name for herself by keeping realistic beauty standards in check, recently volunteered to watch as a photo of herself was retouched.

The British beauty partnered with Elle and Fitbit to create the video and send the message: "I have this one body, it's my home, and I want it to be fit and healthy."

Lawrence sat down to watch the retoucher do his work, and he immediately went to town scaling down the sides of her legs so that he could widen her thigh gap.

I've never had a thigh gap, and I never will have a thigh gap unless someone sits here like you and retouches one.

If I were to lose I weight, I wouldn't lose it like this. I wouldn't be able to change my body shape. And its's not relatable.


Yes, throughout the video she is working out, but she makes it clear she does it "not to be skinny, but because I deserve it."