Jacob Tremblay, the adorable child star from the film Room, celebrated Star Wars Day with his puppy in the best possible way. First of all, Tremblay's puppy is named Rey after Daisy Ridley's character in The Force Awakens. That already proves that he's a huge Star Wars fan. Today, he took his fandom to the next level for May the 4th with this photo:

#Rey and her #millenniumfalcon! #Maythe4thbewithyou! Happy #StarWarsDay!!! #ReyTremblay

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After seeing Rey next to the Millennium Falcon, her adorable brown fur makes it look like she could've been named Chewie. 

Here's an older shot of Rey posing with an Imperial walker after receiving her name:


If he ever wants to try out the Chewbacca pose, all he needs to do is have Rey pose next to a toy crossbow or wearing an ammo belt. If Rey posed in a hood, she could be made to look like an Ewok, except Ewoks are the worst Star Wars characters. Surely Tremblay already knows that.

Sources: People