We all had that one odd teacher.

Class is in session or whatever.

James Franco is returning to his alma mater, Palo Alto High School, this time as a film teacher. He'll be teaching an eight-part workshop, in which students will collaborate to create an original short film. The class will be capped at 24 lucky and brave students, who might be taking a class or are unknowingly participating in one of Franco's wacky performance art pieces. He made the announcement via Instagram.


Franco has a lot of experience working with high school students, like the time he may have tried to hook up with a 17-year old through Instagram. Or when he recently starred in the movie Palo Alto, which is about a student at Palo Alto High School losing her virginity to a teacher. It's based on a short story he wrote. And the teacher is played by none other than James Franco, at the high school where he's now going to be an actual teacher. What could go wrong?

Sources: NBC Bay Area