Jay-Z—rapper, entrepreneur, adulterer—is supporting his wife Beyoncé on her Formation world tour, and was spotted doing an adorable, dorky dad dance with their daughter Blue Ivy. Swinging to "The End of Time," the father-daughter dance is so cute that for a second you'll forget about Becky and her good hair.


Jay famously cheated on the queen, giving birth to the modern masterpiece "Lemonade," but between Beyoncé dedicating "Halo" to "her beautiful husband" and Jay-Z's adorable backstage antics, the Carters are showing the world that the family is still together.  

Blue Ivy has been an adorable backstage staple since her birth, traveling with her parents since they went on the On the Run tour. 

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

The end of "Lemonade" showed that the Carters are still together and still the cutest, contributing to the theory that the Becky outrage was fully staged.