Justin Theroux gave his wife Jennifer Aniston a lovely shout-out for a personal essay she wrote for The Huffington Post. Her essay tore down the paparazzi and tabloid culture that fuels crazed fascination with female celebrities. Specifically, Aniston called out scrutiny of female celebrities and whether or not they're married or have children. She is, of course, no stranger to that media circus, which has churned out stories about who's she's dating for years now. Now that she's married to Justin Theroux, the attention focuses on if she's pregnant. That's what finally pushed her over the edge.

Theroux gave her a classy show of support on Instagram by simply using the hashtag for Woman Crush Wednesday and a link to her essay:


Aniston's essay and Theroux's support received lots of positive attention, but there's no word yet on whether it has defeated tabloid culture and the paparazzi photographers that make it possible. Maybe they just haven't read the piece yet.

Sources: Instagram: Justin Theroux