Rumors are flying more strongly than ever before that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. (Tabloid media has been feeding on this rumor for about 16 years, so for their sake let's hope it's not true.) The 47-year-old actress was vacationing in the Bahamas with Justin Theroux, to whom she has been married for about 10 months, when someone invaded their personal privacy to take pictures of them on the beach. In the photos, Jennifer Aniston displays a human stomach filled with organs and air, resulting in a non-perfectly-flat shape.


In response, news outlets like InTouch have said that Aniston is pregnant and are using sources to back this claim up. “She’s pregnant," a really crappy friend of her told InTouch. The friend went on to say that "this surprise pregnancy has turned the worst of times into the best of times."

As their proof, DailyMail is citing an onlooker at the beach who said 44-year-old Justin Theroux was being very attentive and careful when Aniston went paddleboarding. Aniston has since been photographed wearing a coat, which is further fueling the rumor fire.

The couple at the 2016 Critic's Choice Awards, an event they attended in between dodging false claims about their personal lives.
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