While it is confirmed to be *a* wedding dress, it doesn't appear to be *her* wedding dress.

via Warner Brothers
No one told you life was gonna be this way. (via Warner Bros)

In what is one of the most unjust Internet hoaxes in recent memory, a photo of Jennifer Aniston's supposed wedding dress has been proven to not actually be hers. This photo went viral after an Aniston fan page masquerading as her real profile posted it with the caption, "You have my whole heart for my whole life. ‪#‎WeddingDress‬."


After what the tabloids have reported to be approximately 892 fake weddings and 49 months into various pregnancies with her beau Justin Theroux, Aniston officially tied the knot last weekend, in what must have been the best surprise wedding since Jessa and Thomas John on Girls. 

Fans were so eager to see what fashion icon Aniston wore to her special day, that a photo of a ponytailed blonde woman posted on an unverified Jennifer Aniston fan page was confused for the real deal. 

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