Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin—that Hollywood couple that didn't make sense until it suddenly did—were on-and-off for about a year until they finally cut the cord last summer. While sources suggested the break-up was over Martin's desire to keep it cas, InTouch Weekly has come up with a much more entertaining reason for the couple's demise: the Kardashians. 

Peak Kardashian.
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More specifically, Lawrence's love for the Kardashians, which she's been open about before.

"Jennifer was obsessed with the family, and tried to get Chris to watch the show with her. Chris absolutely balked at the idea, and couldn't sit for five minutes of the show," the source apparently said. "The Kardashians are everything that is wrong with America, according to Chris."

Martin may be onto something, but Lawrence didn't agree. "Jennifer thought Chris was being snobby and elitist by trashing the Kardashians because he wouldn't even give it a chance," the source claimed. "[He] wasn't going to stay in a relationship with someone that was obsessed with reality television."