Donnie and Jenny are giving marriage a shot. (Getty)

Congratulations to Jenny McCarthy and Internet trolls everywhere, because Jenny just announced on The View that she's attempting to join the cast of A&E's Wahlburgers by marrying New Kid/old guy Donnie Wahlberg this summer. Jenny set the stage for the big announcement with a cryptic tweet telling her followers that The View was "gonna be a goooood one." The tweet set off red flags for anyone familiar with the show because, let's face it, there's never been anything good about it.

Jenny did her best to come through on the Twitter promise by delivering the most convincing performance of her career as a teenage girl who just won a car on a game show.

Jenny was the picture of television happiness, telling Barbara Walters that they're thinking about an August 2015 wedding, which will give the happy couple time to work out the usual wedding stuff like magazine deals and sponsorship contracts, as well as their pitch for a new reality show called New Couple on the Block.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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