On Tuesday, International Women's Day was celebrated on social media with a potent mix of inspiring and disheartening messages about the status of women today. Star Wars hunk John Boyega contributed to the more uplifting portion of the IWD festivities, only to be met with a mutiny of sexist trolls. Here's what he posted:


A perfectly fine endorsement of female solidarity, right? Well, while many commenters responded by applauding Boyega's positive message, there were also plenty of replies like these.

"What about men!"

"lesbian porn."

"Great things don't happen if they just work with other women. They might become biased and start the dark path to feminaziism."

"men are superior"

"Thats true...but they also need to be humble as well most feminist are really disrespectful"

"Or Ghostbusters happen... Ugh"

Boyega refused to be disheartened. Instead, he struck back at the Negative Nicholases, because after taking on Kylo Ren, he's no longer afraid of Internet comment sections.