John Krasinski celebrated the Fourth of July by announcing that his wife Emily Blunt gave birth to their second child two weeks ago. And her name is (you already know it) Violet. Because of course it's Violet! That's the most John Krasinski and Emily Blunt baby name that ever existed.

Krasinski and Blunt, a charming couple and a good name for a buddy cop show.

It's not as precocious as, say, Paprika or Brooklyn, and not quite as old-fashioned as Mabel or Ernestine, but it assures that their child will fit in with all the other kids at school named after spices and great-grandmothers. And with their other daughter, Hazel Grace. It's perfect.


The list of names for any future girls, should there be any, could include: Hester, London, Paisley, Jaxlyn, Cormackette, and Rubella. Boys should all be named Thor.