When it comes to our celebrity overlords—those famous people who control our lives by setting trends and making both news and "news"—John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are some of our most benevolent dictators. Unlike stingy Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba, Legend and Teigen started posting photos of their new baby Luna almost immediately after her birth on Sunday. On Tuesday, Teigen posted her first photo of the little moon-named baby, and on Wednesday, proud dad Legend got in on the action:

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Now you can comfortably call this baby cute. For comparison, here's Teigen's photo from the day before. Many people were calling Teigen and Legend's baby cute after seeing this first image, but can you really call a baby "cute" when all you can see is a leg, an arm, some torso, and the back of its head? No. For all the Internet knew after seeing this first photo, the baby's face could have been a literal pile of potato chips.

hi my lulu!

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Praise be to our celebri-deities Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. May they continue to bless us with adorable baby photos and their almost-sickeningly-sweet love for each other.