Well, it looks like Johnny Depp has not banished himself to his private tropical island after all. On Sunday night, Johnny Depp apparently made an appearance at the Los Angeles Comedy Store, when he got on stage in the middle of comedian Mat Edgars's set. Perhaps Depp was looking to buy some comedy? Or could this be some research for a new role of "heckler"?

Then Mat was joined by Johnny Depp! #johnnydepp

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Nope, Depp was just hanging out with his buddy, comedian Doug Stanhope. If you'll remember, Doug Stanhope is the man who wrote the op-ed saying that Depp's estranged wife Amber Heard's claims of abuse are made up.

Mat Edgar & Doug Stanhope

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According to People, Depp's mid-set interruption wasn't (terribly) awkward, because Depp made a joke about Edgars's time being up, and because he's Johnny Depp and can pretty much do what he wants. So what's next for Depp? Who knows. But keep your eyes peeled for him next time you're checking out Louis CK at the Comedy Cellar.