Josh Duggar, child of 19, molester of 5, and king of hypocrites, is fresh out of sex rehab and back at it. 

"Family Man"

No, silly! He's not touching his sisters again! He's got a job!

After returning from faith-based rehab (gotta be way better than jail amirite), People Magazine has confirmed that Josh has picked up an almost legitimate occupation: selling used cars. 

According to People, he is buying and repairing used cars. It's a Duggar family business. So like Josh to keep it in the family, ya know?

Maybe he can repair a camo jeep, but it'll be hard to repair his rep. A source told People that Josh "looks happy" and "interacts very well with people," but could he have found a less trustworthy business to get into? The title of used car salesmen is traditionally synonymous with being a dishonorable cheater. It's like he is slowly making his way through every stereotypically detestable lifestyle this world has to offer.