Not even one Article on display.

Do we need to pretend that my primary reason for writing this post—or yours for clicking on it—was a deep and abiding interest in U.S. History? Can we at least acknowledge that there might maybe be some other possible explanations for the degree of scrutiny that we're giving this cover? Just so we're all on the same page. Now, let's go back to our charade and get into some hardcore Constitutional pedantry!


Can you figure out what's wrong with the copy of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution that's scrawled across the Veep star's back on the cover of the new Rolling Stone? Something is not quite right. I'll give you a few moments to give it a good look. Or you can take a bunch of moments. Take as many moments as you need. No judgement here.

Okay, time's up. Have you figured it out? No? Well, you might have been otherwise distracted. Here's the answer: John Hancock's enormous signature does not appear on the Constitution. It's on the Declaration of Independence.

Oddly enough, this is exactly the kind of embarrassing mistake her character would experience on Veep, and Dreyfus even placed the blame for it on one of her favorite punching bags from the show: 

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