Justin Bieber and rapper Post Malone were apparently joking around at a club when Malone mock-choked Bieber (like friends do)—and someone took a photo of it that happened to look like a Renaissance masterpiece. The choke was all in good fun, supposedly, even if it looks a little scary in the photo:


But the photo is getting attention for an entirely different reason than fake drama—it inspired people with its accidentally incredible composition. Remember when Dan Brown wrote all that stuff in The Da Vinci Code about "The Last Supper?" Hundreds of years from now, robo-Dan Brown will be doing the same thing with this photo. Someone on Reddit even Photoshopped the Bieber-Malone photo into a convincing Caravaggio:

Other people tried their own versions:

Another Redditor pointed out that the photo fits the Golden Ratio:


It's too bad Bieber couldn't have been in this photo when he was younger in his career. He really did look one one of Raphael's cherubs then.

Sources: h/t Mashable