(go to 1:04) "I do need a new iPhone. This one will just be for dick pics."


Unfortunately, I don't think "celebrity ball sweat" is one of the phone-destruction excuses that Apple accepts for a refund, nor is "the slow decline of a child star's impulse control and decision-making skills." Yes, that lady or dude who threw that phone on the stage is an idiot for throwing their phone onstage. However, I'm pretty sure they naively thought that Justin would take a picture or something adorable he might have done in the past. As a rule, however, when you're a multi-millionaire kid with a global platform, it's bad form to throw what is potentially someone's most valuable possession off the other side of the stage where it's up to some stranger to return it. Plus, the whole rubbing-it-on-your-Bieber-weiner thing. That's who Justin is these days, though.

At one point in this video, the Biebs asks if people remember when he was on YouTube playing guitar and singing songs. No, we don't remember, because you've since turned into one of the most unbearable a-holes in show business. Also, no, because I never watched them.

There's one other thing in this video worth mentioning - right at the beginning of the video, before he starts whining about people throwing things onstage, Bieber just drops an incredibly expensive-looking video camera on stage. Because who gives a shit? It's just a really expensive camera a lot of people would kill to have. What does that say to people about your respect for...anything? Hmm? Fuck Bill Clinton, that's what it says.

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