Apparently you can trick Bieber with dogs. Good to know.

That dog got you in touble, dawg.
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If you need to trick Justin Bieber in person, say because you're a vampire trying to get him to invite you inside, selling him magic beans, or serving him with legal papers, all you need is a dog. A lawyer who wanted to serve Bieber papers just happened to be on the same beach walking a dog. No big deal, purely a coincidence. It is known that Bieber loves dogs, and they are much simpler agents with which to lure the Biebs than sports cars or prostitutes. When he kneeled down to pet the dog, the lawyer presented the papers. All too easy.

The lawyer represents a home owner who is suing Meek Mill. Bieber had been a guest at Meek's blowout Grammy party, which was held in a giant glass house. That's right, someone rented their giant glass house to Meek Mill for a party. What could go wrong? Here are the keys to my glass house you're using for a party where all the guests are hip hop stars. Help yourself to popsicles in the freezer and here's the number for poison control.


Only time will tell if Bieber can ever trust another strange dog.

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