Crying? Sleepy? Either way, Bieber's a dick. (Via)

These dreamboats won't stop beefing!

After last night's swing-and-a-miss Ibiza fistfight between willowy heartthrobs Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, Bieber decided to shake Legolas's quiver by posting (then quickly deleting) this pic of what one could guess is Orlando Bloom weeping. You know, like crybabies do? "Wittle crybaby," is Justin's point here. Except Orlando just looks tired or like he has something in his eye, but Justin could only Google image search for so long before he had to go pee off a balcony.

Justin had already taunted his attempted assailant earlier on the 'Gram, posting a pic of Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr (and also quickly deleting it), implying that rumors of Bieber being involved with Kerr are true. 

Did we learn nothing from Biggie and Pac? This shit has got to stop! Before someone's follower count gets hurt.

(by Bob Powers)


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