Each of those dollars represents one teen girl's false ideas about her celebrity sweetheart.

This story is like a Russian doll of disappointment, for so many people and in so many ways.


First we have Justin Bieber, who has been genetically designed to give young women (and 33-year-old nutjobs with $100K to drop on plastic surgery) an impossible ideal of a baby-faced nice boy. Now that that has been accomplished, he has moved on to phase two: destroying his image in the most public and lewd way possible. He's a grown man now, and grown men like to do responsible things like hurl thousands of dollars at a woman who will show you things that millions of women are desperately trying to show you for free. It doesn't matter that every time he asked for a lapdance, he was shattering those millions of ladies' vain dreams of meeting Justin at a DQ on his way to a concert, and having an interesting conversation morph into a whirlwind romance where he admits that he always wanted to find a fan who truly understood him.

Ok, so that's disappointing for people who still somehow thought the Biebs was squeaky-clean, but hiring exotic dancers isn't necessarily a bad thing. If that's what he likes and he's nice to them...there's not much we can do about that. And who's to say that we can't understand the appeal? Bieber must worry that every woman he talks to only wants his money or fame. Why not remove the uncertainty by hiring a woman whom you know for sure is only there for money? It probably feels more honest than most of his interactions. Maybe J-Biebs actually just needs to talk to someone, and so he arranges Catcher in the Rye-style meetings between himself and various sex workers.

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