Katie Holmes posted some adorable photos of her and her daughter Suri on Instagram, taken at her mother's surprise birthday party on Sunday, and Suri looks as sleepy as we would be if we were partying with celebrities. Or partying with anyone, tbh. Parties are exhausting.

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In the pics, 10-year-old Suri is wearing a white gown and snuggling with her mom in an oversized chair. Sleeping in a chair is the best way to spend a party when you're 10. (Or in your 30s. Whatever. Don't judge.)

#blessed #goodnight #gratitude #happybirthdaymom #family #love 🎉🎉🎉

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These two look like they have the kind of mother-daughter bond that makes you go, "Tom who?"


Now brb, gotta go call my mom.

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