Katy Perry has released a new video today on Twitter urging you to get out and vote in November. And in it, she addresses one of the main concerns young people might have about getting to the polls: what should you wear? According to the pop star, it doesn't matter. You can wear literally anything to the polls. Pajamas. An oversized t-shirt. Anything. Or nothing at all.

Okay, scratch that. You should wear clothes to the polls, because public nudity remains illegal. But you definitely don't have to brush your hair.

And as far as who you vote for, that's up to you! Though I have a hunch who Katy Perry would want you to vote for (clue: it's not this guy).

So keep that in mind while voting on November 8. Katy Perry got completely naked (maybe not a huge deal for her) and appeared in a video with smudged makeup and white girl dreadlocks (a bigger deal) just to remind us to vote. The least we can do is make sure her girl wins.