Kendall and Kylie Jenner went to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night, and in doing so made everyone pay attention to them instead of the athletes because they're über-famous and were wearing ridiculous shoes. Thigh-high boots may not seem that strange, but these girls are from the womb of Kris Jenner and were consequently not sporting your average thigh-highs.


Kendall's boots were more like tights, whereas Kylie's latex duds were certainly nighttime appropriate. Given the heights the boots reached, it begs the question of why the young women didn't just wear similarly designed pants? 

game shoes

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Both pairs of shoes look amazingly uncomfortably, particularly Kylie's. They must've been as squeaky as the players shoes on the court whenever she moved around.

The sisters are pros, though, and managed what normal humans could not: walking in those shoes.