Even though North West has gone on record that she's afraid of Snapchat, her mother definitely isn't. On Saturday, Kim Kardashian continued her campaign to desensitize her two-year-old daughter to social media, sharing a video of North hanging upside down from a bar underneath a desk.

"That's a tough workout," Kim can be heard saying from behind the camera.

North West's workout attire seems to consist of a white top with a red skirt and red shoes. Kardashian captioned the Snap "She thinks it's Valentine's Day EVERYDAY!!!!" in typed text and added, "I'm not kidding" with the Snapchat drawing/pen tool. Get used to it, North. Everyday may be Valentine's Day, but even the most mundane activities can make it Snapchat Day, too.


North is going to have to ramp up her fitness game, though, if she wants to compete with her mom, which she hopefully isn't too concerned about yet. And someone please put a mat under that kid's head.