Last week, Kirsten Dunst and her boyfriend of four years, Garrett Hedlund, called it quits, but now people are speculating that the couple split because Dunst is getting it on with another man. A famous man. A famous Irish man. A famous Irish usually drunk man. Can you guess who yet? Yep, it's Colin Farrell (cue dramatic swell of music).


Star is reporting that Dunst and Farrell have been seen working out together. Wait. That's it? Here is what Star had to say in their recent print edition:

According to a source at a low-key LA gym, Kirsten Dunst has been meeting up with Colin Farrell behind Garrett Hedlund’s back.

“Kirsten and Colin have shown up together a few times and sometimes he picks her up after her private sessions,” spills the spy, noting that Farrell often waits for the actress in the parking lot looking like the cat who ate the canary.

“If they really are just working out together, why act so secretive about it?” a source asked 

Then again, Kirsten made it quite clear back in 2004 that she would never sleep with Colin, saying in an interview, “He’s that drunken boy, right? Well, he’s not going to have [sex] with me. I don’t even think he’s that great looking.”

Well if these rumors are true, you better have your fork and knife handy, Kirsten, because you will be eating those words.


So yeah, the two could just be carpooling to the gym together (which would be very environmentally conscious of them), or they're totally bumping uglies. Who's to say? Also, what is a "low-key" gym?

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