Leah leaving Scientology has caused an L. Ron Hubbub.

Kirstie Alley called Leah Remini "repulsive" and a "bigot" on the Howard Stern show this morning for the way her former friend left Scientology. Kirstie was probably referring to remarks which aired on Dancing with the Stars after Lea said, "They are waiting for me to fail." Kirsty may have not liked the comment, but compared with how the organization has treated other former members, "waiting for her to fail" would seem like a delivery from Vermont Teddy Bear.


Kirstie compared her former friend's comments to someone slamming Jews for their beliefs, leaving out the fact that Judaism wasn't started by a science fiction writer with a long, proven history of lying, and doesn't promise super powers to members who can afford that sort of thing. 

During the Stern interview, Kirstie told Howard she was first attracted to Scientology after she drove by the church's Celebrity Center in LA and "saw all these Porches and Mercedes parked outside." Which I imagine are the best rides when the spiritual path you're on leads to lunch with John Travolta and a sitcom deal.

According to journalist Tony Ortega who has been writing about Scientology since 1995, Leah Remini has already been declared a "suppressive person," the term Scientologists use to describe their enemies. Kirstie says she personally doesn't care if Leah is in or out of the Church, but did made it crystal clear that she's no longer following her on Twitter.

Sources: Radar Online