Kourtney Kardashian revealed via Snapchat on Tuesday that her doctor has prescribed her a “love potion.” The type of doctor, contents of the potion, and its actual effects all remain a mystery. It sounds like a placebo to help her get out of her own head:

So my doctor told me that I subconsciously think that I don’t deserve love. So he gave me these, water… what is it? Blessings?


Here's what blessings in a bottle look like:

Unconscious thinking that don't deserve love 💔

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She puts 32 drops in her water throughout the day, but admitted she's not sure "if it opens my heart or what the hell it does.” It's not clear how seriously she takes it, because she can't make it through the description without laughing:

Her staff can't even describe it without laughing:

Sources: The Stir